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Keith Pressure Washing: Ooltewah's Premier In Pressure Washing Services

Paver pressure washing bricks

Keith Pressure Washing is Ooltewah's best-rated pressure washing company for both residential and commercial services. Our service area stretches through Ooltewah and the surrounding areas to ensure you're getting the best pressure washing, no matter your location.

If you're looking for pressure washing for your residential property, we offer:

We also offer window cleaning for residential properties and premier soft washing services for all your house washing and roof cleaning needs.

Our soft washing services in Ooltewah utilize eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals to break down mold, mildew, bacteria, and algae to ensure your home's surfaces are cleaned and maintained. We then wash away these chemicals with a gentle water-bleach mixture that sanitizes your home and roof.

We also offer commercial pressure washing in Ooltewah to ensure your commercial properties are cleaned and maintained. We offer:

  • Building Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Commercial Roof Cleaning

No matter the commercial pressure washing project, we can help. To set up an appointment with the pressure washing pros of Ooltewah, call Keith Pressure Washing at 423-413-0403 or complete our online request form today.

Why You Need to Clean Your Ooltewah Concrete

Commercial or residential, your concrete needs to be cleaned to maintain a clean and unbroken appearance.

Over time, contaminants build up on your concrete. From automotive stains to standing water, your concrete can get contaminated in a number of different ways. Even dirt particles can cause your concrete to crack and break into pieces if you aren't careful.

By investing in a professional concrete cleaning with a top-rated pressure washing company, you're keeping your concrete in great shape to avoid future costly repairs.

Automotive stains are often made of caustic materials that break down your concrete over time. The best way to keep your concrete safe from automotive stains is to clean away spills as soon as they happen. Because concrete is a porous material, letting automotive stains sit only means that they get further and further into your concrete over time. By cleaning them away right away, you're protecting your concrete from these materials and ensuring your concrete remains unbroken.

Just like automotive stains, standing water works its way into the pores of your concrete. If left unattended, this water will freeze in the winter and expand in the pores of your concrete, contributing to large cracks.

Even dirt particles can break away at your concrete if you aren't careful. By utilizing pressure washing technology, you're getting all of these contaminants cleaned out of your concrete before they create cracking or breaking.

This is why Keith Pressure Washing offers Ooltewah top-rated pressure washing services for both residential and commercial concrete cleaning. We want to help protect your concrete from costly cracking.

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