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What Are The Black Streaks On Your Home?

Home with black streaks

If you have noticed black streaks on your home's roof, you aren't alone. These streaks are made by a bacterium called gloeocapsa magma. When gloeocapsa magma makes its home on your roof, it leaves behind black and dark green streaks that you can see.

This bacteria travels through the wind as spores or clumps. Once it's on your roof, it finds a shady, cool spot to grow. Gloeocapsa magma tends to appear in the humid months when temperatures get warmer. The humidity helps the bacteria grow.

The reason these bacteria find themselves on roofing is that asphalt shingles are made with limestone filaments. Gloeocapsa magma feeds on the limestone in your shingles, breaking down the protective barrier that is meant to protect your home. Over time, this weakens your shingles and can lead to breakage and damage to your roof.

Without a proper roof cleaning to get rid of gloeocapsa magma, it can build up over time and combine with other algae to create a lichen barrier on your roof. This can catch seeds from bird droppings that sprout on your roof. By the time seeds are taking root on your roof, it's past time for a new roof.

Fighting Against Gloeocapsa Magma

The good news is that cleaning away gloeocapsa magma is a fairly simple process. To be truly harmful, gloeocapsa magma needs to fester for years. By engaging in a seasonal roof cleaning with a reputable company will clear away the gloeocapsa magma before it becomes an issue.

Most pressure washing companies offer some sort of roof cleaning option for your home. The best option when it comes to a professional roof cleaning is to engage in a professional soft washing.

Soft washing utilizes lower water pressures than other options to ensure your roof is protected throughout the cleaning process. Because your roof is made up of more fragile materials, it's important to ensure your cleaning process is gentle.

Soft washing begins with an application of eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals that break down layers and layers of bacteria on your roof. These chemicals are perfectly safe for your roof and aren't damaging to the wildlife or plant life surrounding your home.

Once they've broken through the Gloecapsa magma on your roof, the mess is washed away with a gentle water-bleach mixture that cleans and sanitizes your roof.

By hiring a professional soft washing company, you're ensuring your roof is as clean as possible. Soft washing gets in to all the small areas between your shingles to clean away any hidden gloeocapsa magma spores that might be hiding away without breaking your shingles.

To set up an appointment with the premier soft washing company in Chattanooga, call Keith Pressure Washing today and set up your professional roof cleaning.

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