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House Restoration in Chattanooga, TN

House restoration in chattanooga tn

Paul and his wife had just moved to Chattanooga, TN and bought a historic home. They reached out to us as some areas of the home had been neglected for many years like the 53 stairs that lead up to front entrance. With our expertise, we not only transformed this home's curb appeal completely but did so safely using our knowledge and experience! Keith Pressure Washing cleans homes all through out Chattanooga, Tennessee, new and old! See how our pressure washing pros can transform your curb appeal or transform your older home!

Project Info:

Client Review: The before and after was astounding. One section of our 53 stairs was caked with years of mold, lichen, and mildew. He spent extra time really getting it clean. And the house is ~100 years old and he reduced pressure as needed to make sure nothing was damaged.
- Paul W.

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